Friday, November 28, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is another Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot. DNA confirm it to be a male bird. He is a very fierce bird I had ever encounter. There is one time when I open the cage door slightly with my second finger inside holding the door, It jump and caught hold of my finger and bite hard onto it. Luckily the lower beak is on my nail, I manage to pull my finger off and there is two puncture mark on my finger. I intend to pair it with another female bird. The yellow feather on the nape is small.
I exchange this bird with my baby Blue & Gold Macaw Plus 4 bag of parrot mixture. I will call him Temper.

This is a Blue Fronted Yellow Wing Amazon. I bought it from a bird shop when it is still young. The potential is there for me to train it to talk. I chain it to a stainless steel stand. It has learn to talk and is not scare of people. When it talk, it sound very gentle and soft in sound. I still did not know it sex yet. The parrots in our wharehouse is not afraid of our cats roaming about and the forklift movement. Normally we wash the cages every weekend and also give them a bath. The feed bowl and water bowl will be change in the morning and evening time. I shall call it Gentle.

Monday, November 24, 2008

This is also a Double Yellow Amazon that I bought from my friend Jimmy at a special price. It should be a mature male bird that is imported from Canada many years back. I can consider it to be my second parrot that I purchase. It had been train to use bottle feed for water. His parrot call is different from the other Double Yellow pair. The cage used is make of stainless steel. I am looking out for a female bird to pair with him. His name is Micky.

This is my Yellow Crown Amazon that I kept at home. I think it is a female bird. She can only talk and does not know any parrot call. Her feather look very healthy and glow with a luminous green colour. She like to laugh, sing 'happy birthday to you' all day long and cockadoo-doo like a chicken. Every morning she greet us with 'Morning, I love you, How are you'. She is a very affectionate bird with feeling. When I bring her out, she like to show off her skill. When my daughter get near to her, she would want to bite her and had succeed in it. The feed bowl consist of two kind of seed mixture, Maqnum parrot mix and Sluis superior Menu for parrot. It have mixture of spirulina, chorella, fruits in it. Her name is call Ice.

This is the female Yellow Nape Amazon that I am going to pair with Tango. The body size is much smaller. She seen to be very good nature and can talk a few words. The two words that alway come from her are 'cherito & Lau Ta'. I bought it from a birdshop. The birdshop owner estimate her to be about eight to nine years. He told me that his client bought from him as a young bird and now ask him to sell as he had no time to take care of it. I shall call this female bird Cherita.

This is a very nice specimen of Yellow Nape Amazon. DNA test show it is a male bird. It is one of the most beautiful yellow nape I have ever seen. The feather on its head is alway puff up and it like to spread wide open its tail feather. His name is call tango. He used to dance and swing it head left and right. I used to touch his head but lately he is getting more aggressive. He has bitten me a few time. I will be pairing him to another female amazon soon. His name is call Tango.